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Ryan, Andrea and children

Ryan, Andrea and children

Winter CSA 2017

Winter CSA 2017

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Romanesco Broccoli


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Work Place CSA Shares

Is it possible that eating more fruits and vegetables creates a healthier, happier employee?  16 years of operating a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), means we offer an outstanding CSA experience for your team!

Offering Your Work Place as a CSA Drop-Off Point is a Wellness Benefit to Your Employees.
Employers can increase the health and well-being of their staff (and our local food economy) by offering their workplace as a drop-off point for weekly farm-fresh produce subscriptions.  

Ideally, a group of 10 or more employees would purchase shares to make it easier for the farmer to make a direct delivery to your workplace, but we are more flexible if you are on our established delivery route.  If you are interested in having Providence Organic Farm deliver CSA shares to your workplace, this is what you can expect:

  • Fresh-picked, washed and packed, certified-organic produce will be delivered right to your place of work each week for up to 24 weeks, (your choice as to how many you'd personally like!)  - We start the 3rd week of June.
  • Encouragement.  It's easy to store and cook all the contents of each weeks box because we send weekly emails to each member, with contents of share, storage tips, recipe ideas, upcoming events and news.
  • Invitations to on-farm tours, parties & classes throughout the year.
  • Outstanding service. We answer phone calls, texts and emails promptly.
  • Flexibility.  Yes, you may switch items out, put your share on hold and even change pick-up locations if you happen to be on vacation.
  • Choice.  You choose number of CSA deliveries, protein add-ons, berry shares, recipe books and more.   
  • Knowing exactly where your food comes from... and your farmers!
  • Eating healthful, organically-grown seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Keeping some of your hard-earned money in our local economy.
  • Knowing that your membership means jobs for 30 local people as well as student future farmers who learn each year from farmer Ryan and team.
  • Helping to keep 130+ acres of northern MI in organic certification!
  • AND, most importantly, helping to increase the heath of our local families and children as we strive to grow the most nutritious food possible for our region, and share it with the most vulnerable through our Sharing the Harvest program.
  • BIG PLUS, we are giving all new members our favorite cookbook: From Asparagus to Zucchini, A Guide To Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce.  People who have the book, really use it and appreciate knowing what to do with some of the veggies they don't know as much about or find easy recipes they haven't thought of before, which increases their over-all happiness with their CSA Garden Share!
We have had similar CSA workplace arrangements with Munson Charlevoix, McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, Hagerty Insurance, Meadow Brook Medical Facility, Armor Express, BATA, Cedar Run Eye Center, Short's Brewing Co. & Munson Medical Center Traverse City   We make it as easy as possible for the employer. 

After we mutually agree on a day and time, and where the shares would be stored, the employer introduces our farm through email and flyers.  We take it from there in direct communication with each person.  NO middle man. 

The employer simply provides a space to store the shares each week. And in the rare case that a member doesn't pick up his/her share, we have each member's contact info on the outside of the box, so it's easy for the employer to remind them.  If they still don't pick it up?  It's up for grabs! Pass it out, share it, or give it away.  

We also ask that members return their boxes each week, for their new one.  That way we can save money on packaging. :-) 

Here you will find great information about what quantity to expect from a veggie share box, how it all works, and more...such as the fact that members may switch out an item or two each week in exchange for their preference, put their shares on hold for vacations, order additional items to be delivered with their box, and change their delivery site as needed...all through the internet!

Click here for  a thorough review about our CSA program written by a member who has been with us in 2014 & 2015.   Lynn is also a farmer and owns a national farm market publication called Growing For Market.

WHAT IS A CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a growing social and agricultural movement that encourages small farm preservation and profitability by directly linking local growers with local community members. 

Thanks so much for considering joining us in our endeavor to grow the best food possible for you!

If supporting a local farm & fresh-picked certified organic food dropped-off at your work-place sounds wonderful to you, please contact us at providencecsa@gmail.com to get started.

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Click here to see sweet videos highlighting our farm: Summer Solstice Celebration Potluck "Happy Spring" video .  For our farm recipes, news and events, sign-up here for our email newsletter, read an edibleGrandeTraverse articleor friend us on our Facebook page.  

We're passionate about living soil, thriving plants, healthy people! 
This page last updated on 5/18/2018.