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Free Range Non-GMO Eggs

Eggs are produced year round.  We sell eggs from the farm for $5 a dozen.  We raise a variety of layer birds and they range in the meadow and forest.  Our layers are fed non-GMO, locally grown layer mash and non-GMO, locally grown scratch.  They also get vegetation from the garden.  Because we have different kinds of chickens, we have a wide variety of egg colors and sizes.  Eggs can be light brown, pink, dark brown, green or white, and we have them in all sizes.

Egg Shareseggs_xmas_trees_farm_products_001_1.jpg

Winter CSA November-April

Summer CSA May-October

Chicken Share:

  • 1 dozen per week: $120
  • 3 dozen per week: $360

Duck share:

  • 1 dozen per week: $130

Pick-ups are:

  • at the Farm on Wednesdays from 4-6pm
  • TC pick-up location on Three Mile on Tuesday and Thursdays from 7-8pm and on Fridays from 6-7pm
  • Saturdays (summer share only) at the Sara Hardy Farmer's Market in Traverse City from 7:30am-12:30pm.

Use our online store to join our egg share.

You can also call and place an order and arrange to pick up at the farm, or stop by (depends on availability).  

This page last updated on 11/21/2016.