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Non-GMO Pastured Poultry

Prices and available options at a glance:turkey

Red Ranger Chickens $4/lb

Broad Breasted Turkey $4/lb

Heritage Turkey $7/lb

How we raise our birds:

All our poultry is raised without vaccines, antibiotics or chemicals.  When numbers are small and they live outside with fresh air and sunshine, they are naturally healthy.  We feed our poultry locally grown non-GMO feed.  All our poultry are rotated in tractors on fresh ground every day.  Use our Online Store to place your order.

Regular Pastured Poultry ShareRangers in Tractor

1 chicken/week, 1 turkey at Thanksgiving, 1 turkey at Christmas.  $420/season (July-October 18 weeks)

Small Pastured Poultry Share

2 chickens/month, 1 turkey at Thanksgiving.  $240/season (July-October 18 weeks)

Chicken Only Share

1 chicken/week $360 (July-October 18 weeks)

Turkey Only Sharechicken

1 Turkey/month $360 (July-October 18 weeks)

Pick-up Options:

  • At the Farm on Wednesday from 4pm-6pm.
  • Pick-up in Traverse City on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8pm and on Fridays from  6-7pm  on Three Mile Road between Hammond and South Airport at 965 Industrial Circle in the back parking lot of the Seung-ni Martial Arts & Fit Club.  
  • TC Pick-up Fees:   There are no fees for picking up your order in Traverse City.
  • TC pick-ups are for people who place their order through our Online Store.

Seung-ni Martial Arts and Fit Club Location

This page last updated on 11/21/2016.