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Winter carrot harvesters on back of truck

Winter carrot harvesters on back of truck

Western view

Western view

Early Summer Share

Early Summer Share

Farmall Super A

Farmall Super A

Blue with piggies

Blue with piggies

Some of our vegetable fields

Some of our vegetable fields

Part of Our Summer Farm Market Display

Part of Our Summer Farm Market Display

School group out to learn & pick carrots

School group out to learn & pick carrots


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Yes, we are currently taking resumes for our 2017 growing season!

Crew of Providence Organic Farm


Have a mind for working with and on equipment such as tractors, tractor implements and vehicles?  Know your way around machinery?  We're looking for a problem solver who's at home in the garage and the farm.  Someone who's not afraid to learn along the way, too.  Welding, electric, carpentry, plumbing skills?  Bonus!  We can use them all.  It's never the same around here as the jobs go from general maintenance, repair, tractor field work, to occasionally "putting out fires".  Please submit your resume to providencecsa@gmail.com.  


We seek to employ local people every growing season in both part-time and full-time capacities.  People who work for us are usually fun-loving, hard-working, strong, efficient, punctual, weather-resistant (Yes! We work when it's raining, cold, etc.), hearty, versatile, dependable, honest, healthy and kind to each other.  We've been fortunate in this regard over the past 11 years.

three team members from Providence Organic Farm holding a heart shaped potato

We've had hard-working high school and college students (esp. future farmers) making summer money, working 40+ hours a week, (including our own sons), on up to retired folks working around 5 hours a week. 

Most of our team participates in these core activities: planting, cultivating, harvesting, washing, packing and loading produce.  

We also employ people with a combination of skills in tractor work, welding, farm machine and vehicle mechanics, fabrication and building.

If you love the thought of setting-up and selling at farm markets, we'd like to talk to you too!  Especially if you love to cook with vegetables. 

Please email us at providencecsa@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us here.

Read two different job descriptions below:


Providence Organic Farm is seeking a field manager for the 2017 season.  Job responsibilities will include all aspects of vegetable production with an emphasis on harvest crew leadership.   

We require:

  • Leadership, Communication & People Skills
  • Ability to learn our system & methods
  • Willingness to work 40-60 hours a week, especially from mid-June through the end of September, asking for little extra time off. (All Sundays off. Most Saturdays off days except for hay, strawberry season.)
  • A good physical report from a doctor 
  • Flexibility (Jobs can and will change from what was "planned" at times due to weather, orders, unexpected mechanical issues, etc.)
  • Ability to manage an average of 12-15 people on a daily basis
  • Organizational skills to oversee field tasks, demonstrate/teach proper harvest and post harvest techniques
  • Ability to complete harvest in a timely manner each day
  • Ability to keep accurate and timely records
  • Willingness to do what it takes from field to wash/pack to get orders done on time
  • Ability or willingness to learn to use farm machinery 

Competitive pay to commensurate with experience, knowledge, attitude and work ethic.  Options to leverage pay with farm produce and meats, and possible housing exist.  Bonus features include access to our library, 14 year's of accumulated knowledge, experience in your interest areas of operating a profitable farm business, networking/learning opportunities with various farms and farm organizations, stipend to attend farm-related training/work-shops, living and working in this gorgeous area of the country!

Send your resume with three job references (who aren’t family) to providencecsa@gmail.com 

Read this to get an idea of what you'd be getting into before you apply...

img_6699.jpgThis is our 11th year owning our own farm business.  We grow over 200 different varieties of vegetables on 20 acres (~ 200,000 pounds of produce and growing...), 1.5 acres strawberries, 60 acres certified organic hay, 30 pastured pork, and small herds of Belted Galloway cattle and Katahdin sheep.  You would be responsible for managing up to 15 field workers depending on the time of the season, harvesting Monday - Friday and some Saturdays from June - Thanksgiving for up to 300 CSA families shares over a 24-week period, 6 farm markets from June-October, two food co-ops, a food-hub, and some restaurants.

Best perks?  We are located in gorgeous northwest lower Michigan, a tourist destination due to our many gorgeous lakes, rolling landscapes, wine country and fruit orchards.  Our farm is located 1.5 miles from Barnes County Park and campground on Lake Michigan, and .5 miles from a small beach and boat access on beautiful Torch Lake (as you can see a bit in the above picture).  We are a 20 minute drive from two picturesque lakeside communities (Charlevoix and Elk Rapids) as well as 20 minutes from Bellaire, known for Grass River Natural Area, Glacier Hills mountain bike paths, and Short’s Brewery.  Furthermore, you are a mere 45 minutes from Traverse City to the south and Petoskey to the north.  Both larger cities for this region, located on Lake Michigan and known for great food, beverage and music among other attractions. 


img_9872.jpgWe are looking for individuals with the following traits:  

  • Passion for Real. Good. Food.
  • Love of land and growing food as sustainable as possible. 
  • Ability to learn from reading, watching and doing
  • Willingness to become more efficient over time
  • A good physical report from a doctor
  • Ability to adapt to a variety of work conditions, including a diversity of people
  • Self-motivation
  • Positive attitude
  • Efficiency & productivity
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in all kinds of weather doing mundane or repetitive tasks at times

Competitive pay to commensurate with experience, knowledge, attitude and work ethic.

Please send a resume with three unrelated references to



This page last updated on 4/28/2017.