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CSA Harvest

CSA Harvest

CSA Harvest

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Fall Harvest

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pastured chickens in tractors

pastured chickens in tractors

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CSA Garden


Morganic Farm

Welcome to Morganic Farm

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Available Year Round:

Select products for your CSA share! Each Share lasts 6 months, the Winter Share runs from November to April and the Summer Share runs from May to October (unless otherwise stated).  Please sign up early to ensure availability.

Available Year Round:Eggs

Pick and choose from the following options (each lasts for 6 months May-October and November-April):

Egg Shares

Our hens are completely non-GMO. Enjoy your rainbow dozens, with brown, pink, blue, white, chocolate and speckled shells from our many heritage breeds of chickens.

Chicken Egg Share:  1 dozen per week — $120 for 26 weeks

Duck Egg Share: 1 dozen per week –$130 for 26 weeks

Pork Shares

pork cuts

Our heritage hogs are completely non-GMO. In addition to non-GMO locally grown feed, they spend the year outside feasting on acorns, roots, and pasture.

Regular Share: 1 package a week about 4-8 pounds per month — $180 for 26 weeks

Rabbit Shares

1 rabbit (about 3-4 pounds) per month — $96 for 6 months

Pick-ups in the winter can happen any prearranged day of the week at our Market from 11am-6pm or on Fridays in Traverse City (see below). 

Miss the sign-up deadlines?  If we’ve ordered extra we can prorate the weeks you’ve missed.  Pro-rating is not available for weeks you miss in the middle of the season, but for frozen items we can give them to you the following week.  Try to sign up early so we can plan for you.

 Available early summer-fall:

Orders are placed in April, so sign up early to join for the summer.

Vegetable Shares

Vegetable Harvest

Our garden is essentially organic. We have not ever used any chemicals or sprays, and we use organic seeds.

Regular Vegetable Share:

16 weeks: 3rd week of June to end of September — $400 total

Spring add-on: Starts ASAP in spring and includes nettles, morel mushrooms and whatever else the garden is producing. — $60 total

The spring add-on is added to the regular share.

Poultry Share:


regular:  Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken/week (July-October, 18 weeks total), plus 2 turkeys in time for the holidays $420/year

small: Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken/every other week (July-October), plus 1 turkey for the holidays $240/year

Chicken Shares:

Pastured chicken, with non-GMO feed.  

Regular Share: Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken per week — $360 total  July–October

Pick-up Options:

  • At the Farm on Wednesday from 4pm-6pm.
  • Pick-up in Traverse City on Fridays from  6-7pm  and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-8pm on Three Mile Road between Hammond and South Airport at 965 Industrial Circle in the back parking lot of the Seung-ni Martial Arts & Fit Club.  
  • Pick-up at the Traverse City Sara Hardy Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 7:30am-12:30pm.  (summer May-October only)
  • TC Pick-up Fees:   No fees.  Pick up in Traverse City at the pick-up location is FREE for everyone who places an order online.
Seung-ni Martial Arts and Fit Club Location

We purchase feed for all our animals from local farmers that use non-GMO seeds and spray as little as possible (or not at all).  All the seeds used to grow our veggies are Non-GMO and organic.  Our vegetables are organically grown with compost and occasional organic fertilizers (fish emulsion and kelp).  We also prioritize our neighbors as customers and donate to the local food pantry.

This page last updated on 11/21/2016.