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About Birch Point Farm

We finally bought the farm!!! Join us in celebrating our first full CSA season as farm owners!!! After renting for many years, our dream of land/farm ownership finally came true last year, and we'll be celebrating for years to come-- Bonus GARLIC to everyone who signs up early for a 2017 share!

Birch Point Farm is a CSA farm in lovely northwest lower Michigan, located between Lake Leelanau and the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay. We specialize in heirloom vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers, which we market through our CSA, the Traverse City farmers' market, and local wholesale accounts. We currently grow annuals on only a small piece of the 20 total acres, but plan to put in permaculture-based plantings of fruit and nut trees, brambles, berries, asparagus, and table grapes over the next few years.
I (Michelle) have worked on four other CSA farms in Massachusetts and Michigan, including the MSU Student Organic Farm, where I was the farm manager and helped to start the year-round CSA program. I've been farming and teaching about it for over 15 years. Fun factoid: In 2006, I took a 5-month bicycle tour of 31 of the 70+ CSA farms in Michigan, volunteering on each one, and recording video interviews and footage which was made into a short documentary.
My husband Jess owns Bare Knuckle Farm in Northport, and our two-year-old, Rudy, is passionate about tractors, tomatoes, and mud puddles!
One of our goals is a thriving local food system and local economy, in which eaters know their farms and farmers and what it takes to produce food. We encourage, but do not require, CSA members to visit the farm and volunteer, ask questions, learn about the entire operation. We're not certified organic, but use all certifiable growing practices. Our current focus is on building soil health, farm infrastructure, and our CSA community.

2017 CSA shares available--Five Ways to Join the Farm:
1. Traditional Season Share (18-20 weeks; June through October) $575
2. Heart of Summer Share (6 weeks, June-July) $250
3. Fall-Winter Share (8 weeks, November through December) $250
4. Lifetime CSA share (limited number available-- an investment in the farm that could provide amazing value to you) $10,000
5. "Investor Shares" a declining-balance account to be used at our farmers' market stalls. Your "investment of $50-$500 earns "interest" in the form of more veggie credit, and you never need cash at market!
Email birchpointcsa@gmail.com or call 231-933-7256 to sign up or for more info.
- See more at: http://www.csafarms.org/birchpointfarm.asp
-Visit and like us on facebook for farm updates and what's fresh weekly

Help us get fresh, local food to folks who need it!
Now accepting sponsors to underwrite the cost of CSA shares, to be distributed in partnership with the Leelanau Children's Center (non-profit, early childhood education center that advocates for children, parents and families). Sponsors write a tax-deductible check to LCC, the center purchases the shares from the farm at a discounted rate, and we grow and deliver the food to families in the LCC community. Email birchpointcsa@gmail.com for details

Also please visit our Local Harvest site: http://www.localharvest.org/csa/M21488


Coming soon: our new website: www.birchpointfarm.com  We'll be live soon, AND set up to take paypal payments-- for now please use the old-fashioned options of checks or cash, but check back soon for our first foray into online payments.

Credit James Manning

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