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This website is created and managed by a consortium of CSA Farms in Michigan's Northwest Lower Peninsula.

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Q. What happens if you type "CSA farm northern Michigan" into your internet scroll bar?
A. "CSA Farms of Northwest Michigan" is at the very top of the list of possible places to look for more information.

Our farm has benefited greatly over the past 9 years from being a member of this website. In a relationship orientated business like CSA farming, it's hard to personally connect with, and share about your farm with, as many people as it takes to garner a percentage of those people to be new CSA members each year. CSAfarms.org is the number one way strangers who've never heard of our farm and the products we offer have come to know about us.

Also, this shared website has been a great way to cut the cost of our website down over the years. The initial higher fee was less than the cost of having our own website built at the time. And then each consecutive year, the shared costs were far below what maintaining and independent website would have cost us. One or two years, we had enough money in our group funds to avoid having to pay anything at all!

Finally, I appreciate the instruction I've gotten from the folks at LIAA. I took advantage of a group class several years ago to learn how to make the most of this website software. While I still have a lot to learn, and can always do more...I've received numerous compliments about what I've created so far. And whenever I need help, I've been able to get it pretty quickly from a real person.

I'd encourage any CSA in Northwest Michigan to join, especially if you are a newer farm and need more exposure to potential customers in our food shed!

Andrea Romeyn, Providence Organic Farm

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This page last updated on 2/11/2015.